ARB TOOL [ver 0.1b]: insert values to find triangular arbitrage opportunities

Developed by FTSO.EU (front) and the Ubuntu Token project (UBU) (back) teams, use at your own risk.

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This tool needs you to input all these price pairs from FlareX Beta, to find swaps opportunities. We reccomend to try swapping with results > 15%

TRICK: quickly copy/paste prices from
TIP: Price "zero" excludes that pair from results, so you can only enter those of interest!
U need at least 3 pairs: i.e. YFLR/DOGE/USD ending with more YFLR you just have to fill YFLR/DOGE + USD/DOGE + YFLR/USD

Youtube Video tutorials: Arb tool on MM browser | RedEyedJedi 77